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At Mizo Kids Games we’re looking for games made and released to shout about. Whether you’re an game developer or distributor, if you’ve got a great game then we can publish it to our website. Simply fill in the contact form and your game could be promoted through our channels or featured in our showcase. We accept 2 types of games: HTML5 Games & Flash Games as well, what you’re waiting for submit game now.

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HTML5 & Flash Games Release

If you have a game development project that has been successfully funded via a crowd-funding service, you are eligible to submit game for distribution at MizoKidsGames. We love to see what new games are coming out! This page is for game developers. How to Submit Game to mizokidsgames. If we like your game, we will be happy to publish it to our games categories. mizo kids games is an Online Games Network that connects gamers with new games from game developers and publishers around the world.

Rules for Game Submission

  1. You must be the author or the copyright owner of the submitted game.
  2. Your game can not contain pornographic images or other illegal content.
  3. Your game can not force players to visit your website.
  4. Your game must be an original creation.
  5. No excessive advertising
  6. No misleading links
  7. No popups


You should add a quick intro or a nice logo for Mizo Kids Games, linking to our site. You can make it any style you like. It will guarantee you will be listed on Mizo Kids Games, unless you break our other simple rules.

  • Sitelock your games to our domains only if you really need to (less chance to be listed).
  • Sitelocked games must allow our other domains as well (, and


Note:* We charge only $5 per game submission.

You can discuss further details by dropping us a Contact Us email message.